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Me, Winter 2015

Hi there, I’m Jon. I’m a 31 year old programmer. I’m currently a Contract/Freelance Web/iOS Developer & Consultant. I live in Westbury Wiltshire, in the UK. I’ve been a professional programmer for the last 11 years.

I spend my working day planning, developing, testing, deploying and consulting on Web and iOS projects for my clients.

Experience in summary

  • Photoshop (PSD) to responsive HTML (sites and email templates)
  • Custom WordPress Theme and Plugin development
  • Custom server side application development (PHP, Node.js, MySQL)
  • Custom client side application development (HTML, CSS & JavaScript)
  • E-commerce development (Bespoke, Magento & Shopify)
  • Native iOS development (Objective-C)
  • Server provisioning (Puppet)
  • Unit Testing
  • QA Testing


My rates are pretty simple. For development I’m £245 per day (9AM – 5PM) or £35 per hour. For consultancy I’m £300 per day (9AM – 5PM).

I work remotely but I can travel to your offices too if you’d prefer.

Technical experience

I have a more in depth list of technical experience on my Stackoverflow Résumé

Work experience

My work experience can be found on my LinkedIn profile

Random trivia

My top 5 favourite films of all time

1. Senna
2. Shawshank Redemption
3. The Social Network
4. Indie Game
5. Pirates of Silicon Valley

My top 5 favourite music albums of all time

1. Eminem – Marshall Mathers LP 1
2. Stereophonics – Performance and Cocktails
3. Dr. Dre – 2001
4. Jack Johnson – In Between Dreams
5. Eddie Halliwell – Next Level Bosh


The gym


Formula 1
Football (soccer)
Computer Science
Other super nerdy stuff I wont mention here

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